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Chiropractic Centre

Pure-Health through Chiropractic

How can you benefit from chiropractic?
Chiropractic allows your body to heal naturally without the use of drugs. Symptoms and pain will heal as the underlying cause is corrected.

Symptoms and pain are the body’s way of letting us know when an area of the body is not functioning optimally.

Your body was designed to heal itself. When areas of the spine are out of alignment, or are holding excess tension they interfere with the proper functioning of the nerves, leading to pain and symptoms.

For all new patients at Pure-Health the chiropractors complete a thorough case history, spinal exam and Xrays (if necessary) in order to determine the underlying cause of any health issues. We then provide each patient with a thorough explanation of the underlying cause and specific recommendations to ensure that symptoms disappear, and health is restored and maximized.

Dr. Jamie Neely and Dr. Laina Shulman welcome you to their chiropractic healing centre located in London, Ontario at the corner of Oxford and Adelaide in the Palasad Plaza. We have times set aside for new patients who are in pain and need an appointment quickly. Parking is plentiful and free.

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What others are saying
A suitable description of my recovery would be “a miracle”. I was experiencing extreme pain in my neck, radiating down my arm including a numb hand. The pain was barely tolerable with excessive prescription pain medication. The pressure on my neck felt like my head was a cement block. Due to the unending pain-day to day- life was truly miserable. I was exhausted from the pain and my coping ability was depleted. After a month and half of intensive treatment, the difference was incredible! I was able to discontinue pain medication. Days are once again enjoyable.

- R. F.

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