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Our Participants Speak

At times we have found it difficult to put into words the powerful transformations many participants’ experience at our seminars, they often do a better job of that than we could. Here are a few of them…

This has been one of the seminars that I believe will continue to help me
long after its completion. It showed me everyday tools that I can use to
rethink my experiences and feel appreciative over what happens to me
everyday. The most profound impact that it had was that it allowed me to truly discover and appreciate my husband...just the way he is. I believe this will change
our dynamic for the best. Thank you Dr. Shulman.
Maria Anderson

Thanks for the day, I feel like I just grew some.
Freda. H

I attended Laina Shulman's workshop and it was truly amazing. I've been involved in the personal growth movement for over 16 years now and yet this day shifted my thinking more than any other process, and at a deeper level than I ever could have anticipated. I am truly changed, with an even more open and grateful heart. Thank you Laina.
Mary-Anne MacPherson

A seminar like no other. It was the best 2 day gift that I could have ever given myself. The layers peeled off as the hours went by and I felt more and more free. The baggage got dumped. Perspective and clarity shone through. It was a journey like no other. Thank you for the gift to get to the real me. My values and beliefs and my true core were exposed in a way like no other. I leave here today refreshed, replenished, filled up with positive energy. My head has stopped running and I can just “be”. It feels great.
Anita Lowry

I enjoy self discovery workshops and books full of inspiration, so “the Shift” with Dr. Laina Shulman was such a wonderful way to experience more introspection. However, this time I experienced a breakthrough with her masterful guidance. This break through may not only save a friendship but take my personal growth to a whole new level. Not that’s a “Shift” and a “Gift”! Thank you.
L St. Pierre

Laina has been an inspiration to me. Issues we have suppressed for years are unearthed in these seminars. I hope she continues to support her clients for many years to come. Luv ya.
D Footwinkler

Get to know myself better- A huge gift to me Thank you!
Find answers to Q’s. Understand why certain things happen as they do-find a reasonable explanation chip away at discovering by purpose (very important to me) and how to manifest it. Ease my personal struggle by understanding more
feels good to get it and move through it. Laina, I feel blessed beyond measure to have your presence in my life as I do and to benefit from your experience and knowledge. Thank you.

Attending Laina’s seminar has given me a “glimmer” of my potential to help myself. Knowing now that these tools are there for me to use is a relief- and that the potential within myself to make necessary changes is in my hands is both scary and a relief. I have felt for years that outside influences have made me what I am. The knowledge that I can make those changes- not in spite of the challenges-but because of the challenges seems amazing. I will begin my journey today.
Deb Kaiser

Laina helped clarify recurring issues for me in a non-threatening atmosphere. I feel fortunate to have tools to increase the quality of my life and my family’s. I would recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to increase the potential and quality of their day to day life.
D. H

You can never benefit from the knowledge you have unless you actually set aside the time and do the work. This seminar gave me 2 processes to use and some time to continue to work on having a life that truly expresses who I am and how I am here to serve.
P Fraser

This seminar really made me realize who I am, how to deal with the struggles of everyday life and relationships. It opened my eyes and made me look at my loved ones and our lives differently. Dr Shulman was great, very helpful and easy to approach. Thank you so much!

I questioned whether it was the right time in my life to come to this seminar. I thought I maybe shouldn’t add this to my already busy life. But I am shocked with how perfect this experience has been. Thank you!!!
C George

I have been feeling unfulfilled in my life like something was missing. For the most part I have placed the blame on others and my weight. When I tackle my emotions that are causing me to be overweight I feel better about myself and I want to eat to nourish my body and take the best care of myself rather than try to make my problems and / or emotions disappear by replacing them with the “joy “ or “comfort” I get from food.
E. Q

This could be rebranded as a couples seminar to help open lines of communication and mutual respect. Helped me recognize emotional triggers I had previously ignored- will have more confidence and comfort in owning and staying true to my values.
G Evans

I think I finally have a place to start and a method to use to work through the emotions (good and bad) that have prevented me from being true to my real self. I am thrilled to have learned how to define my own values so that I can own them. And use them to help me collapse my challenges!
Betty Johnson

I have learned the tools that I need to change my life-to live authentically and to own and honor who I am. I have a deeper understanding of myself and others. I have the desire to tap into my power and move through the darkness and into the light. I am creating- strengthening- growing!
M Dimitry

Yet another fantastic and eye opening experience. I found it a wonderful refresher and helped me clarify aspects that I wasn’t even aware of being uncertain of. Thanks again.
C George

I am that much more aware of who I am the why and how. Thank you for this understanding….For this awakening.
D Bates Klaver

I just wanted to thank you! Your seminar was amazing…I would highly recommended you to anyone struggling with a situation they can’t get over! It was extremely helpful!

I read the pamphlet. I asked around- “What’s this seminar all about anyway?” I wasn’t looking for the ‘meaning and purpose of my life’ at least, nothing that profound. The truth is I knew I needed something. I didn’t feel in control of my life, decisions and opportunities were flying by at 100 MPH, relationships and events coming and going and I couldn’t’ keep up. My emotions would rise-rise-rise and then crash down like a tidal wave and bowl me over. I could manage these events and the stress they caused in me, but I was left wondering is this the way my life is meant to be lived? So… I signed up.

As the day progressed, things started happening. I worked on my process independently and I shared my thoughts with others. Truths and principles were given to me to apply in my own life. To make it work I had to lay it all on the line and not only was it the hardest thing I have ever done, it wasn’t pretty. There were moments where all I wanted was to walk out the door and forget I had ever started the process because I didn’t want to see my true self to take responsibility for myself. Inner struggles and resistance faded slowly as open discussion and personal reflection gave me pebbles of insight. The harder I worked and more honest with myself I was the more it grew into a ball of understanding that picked up speed and BANG!! Realization hit me and left a lasting feeling of gratitude for Dr. Neely’s help and persistence because now I have the tools to work towards what the meaning and purpose is for my life. I know it is a profound gift and I deserve it.
H. Wright

Thank you for unveiling my mask I’ve been wearing for quite some time. When I first met you I wasn’t sure about you, I’ve realized why. You can see right through the fake smile I’ve worn a few times and encouraged the real one to shine through. Thank you again! … for enriching my body, mind and spirit.
J. McCaughen

This seminar has opened my eyes and my heart to the gifts of love around me. I didn’t see then, but I do now, and embrace each new experience with the knowledge that there is a positive to every negative. I just needed to know where to LOOK!
S. Foster

I found this process very enlightening healing from the inside out. Just sitting down taking the time to look at myself and my relationships and how I react to people when I allow them to press my buttons. I did this day with my spouse and found this very interesting. Thank you.
T. Chapman

I thought I had cleared my issues a few months ago in letter writing but experiencing the seminar made me realize the issues were alive and well. The seminar worked wonders, left me feeling great and refreshed and ready to start anew! For anyone who thinks they’re fine- take the ‘Transformation Experience.
C. Brophy

I just wanted to thank you again. This course, as always, was incredibly inspiring and always helpful. I can’t say enough to people about this amazing process and your wonderful leadership throughout the experience.
M. McGuire

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